IT Services

Data Backup and Maintenance

Backing up data is one of the most important aspects of today’s businesses. 

Carbonelle has worked extensively to offer both the onsite and offsite backup solutions that is best for for our customers.

The traditional onsite backup solutions (disks, tapes, appliances, replication) is a good solutions to backup and safeguard your business data in a centralised location. Backups can be accessed easily.

Besides the onsite backups, we also strongly recommend customers to also have an offiste backup plan in place, so that it can greatly enhanced your data recovery process.

Offsite backup solutions remove the need for staff to change disks and/or tapes in a regular basis and will protect business data loss due to natural disaster.


Pro's and Cons (Onsite backup):


  • Economical to run

  • High speed and secure.

  • Data can be accessed easily

  • Storage Space is not an issue

  • Test restore can be performed at any time

  • Not protected from natural disaster

  • Physical damaged may happen


Pro's and Cons (Offsite backup):


  • Protect from natural disaster

  • Protect from Spyware infection ( to a large degrees).

  • No extra hardware required

  • Protect from Break In

  • Internet data usage required

  • Data recovery process can be slow.

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