EyeDoc Overview

The EyeDoc® is a user friendly electronic medical record system whose goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of the practice as well as improve the degree and ease of documentation. It provides clinical templates for commonly presenting problems based on the chief complaint. It also contains an exhaustive database to cover rare diagnostic entities. It covers the chief complaint, present/relevant history, past medical and ocular history, family history, social history, review systems, diagnosis/assessment, and treatment plan. It has rich graphics capabilities where one can draw his/her findings as desired. It follows the patient’s progress and provides the rationale for ordering ancillary test.

It utilizes a very user friendly and intuitive data entry system where with several button clicks, it is possible to generate detailed reports. It is customizable, and provides opportunities for search/query as well as graphing capabilities for trend analysis. For example, in evaluating glaucoma patients, an IOP summary graph provides immediate access to the maximum pre-treatment intraocular pressures as well as the range of IOP fluctuations over time. Similarly, these tools are valuable for educational and research purposes.