Designed Exclusively for Eye Doctors


Created and designed with the doctor in mind. The user interface and layout is designed to provide ease of use for doctors to complete tasks with increased speed and efficiency while at the same time reducing operational costs.


In addition, EyeDoc design also:


  • Accomodates the common practice patterns of ophthalmologists both in private practice and academia

  • Intuitive common sense flow specifically designed for Ophthalmologists


Intuitive Data Entry


Enter patient data quickly and print out detailed patient reports with a miniumum of a few button clicks saving doctors time thereby allowing more time to be spent on patients. Eyedoc also provides data entry templates easing the taskof entering patient data. 


EyeDoc templates features:


  • Customised to include the most common ophthalmic/optometric terminology

  • Designed to efficiently and easily follow the common workflows of the ophthalmology clinic

  • Can be customised to provide up to 95% "Point and Click" to fill in the report

EyeDoc Features

Complete and Legible Charting


Covers documentation form start to finish by generating chart notes, referral/consult letters, operative reports, interpretation reports and medication and lens prescriptions. EyeDoc also gives you the ability scan in outside documentation for quick review.


Extensive Imaging/Drawing Capabilities


EyeDoc provides extensive drawing and imaging capabilities for all aspects of the patient's eye exam which enables doctors to better analyse the patient's problem and render a more appropriate solution. It also provides easy access to important images OR directly interface with digital imaging systems.


Drawing and imaging user interface:

Chart Review Functionality


EyeDoc provides quick and easy review of past charts and exam findings.


It also enables one to view past:


  • IOPs

  • Visual acuities

  • Surgeries

  • Diagnoses

  • Abnormal exam findings over time


Opthalmic Interface Options


EyeDoc interfaces with various ophthalmic equipment, including:


  • OCT

  • Fundus Camera

  • Visual Field Machine

  • A-Scan

  • B-Scan

  • Autorefractors

  • Lensometers​Keratometers

  • Topographers

  • Digital Imaging Systems

If you'd like to find out more about EyeDoc, call us on 02 9889 1311 or to arrange a consultant to give you a demonstration at your convenience.

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