IT Services

IT Hardware and Software

Purchasing IT equipment and software can be very complex process when you don’t get the right equipment / software that is compatible with your business applications. Operating systems that don’t work well on some networks, Anti-virus software that slows down the whole application, backup systems that is not fully automated etc. Our aim is to make hardware procurement quick and easy for your organisation, by providing you with leading industry experience and expertise. 

Call us for the professional advise and a quote. 

We purchase directly from the vendors and is able to pass on the wholesale pricing to our customers. 

We supply:


  • Business grade servers.

  • Custom build Intel Servers with full redundancy and local support

  • Desktop computers

  • All in one workstations

  • Laptops / mobile devices / Ipad & Android portable devices

  • Apple computers / MacBooks / Servers.

  • Business grade backup devices

  • Windows Server Operating systems

  • Windows Desktop operating systems

  • Anti Virus and security software

  • Microsoft applications – office / office 365

  • Routers , network switches and security appliances

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