Managed IT Services

IT Support and Maintenance

Carbonelle team provides a range of reliable and responsive IT Support services designed to pro-actively manage and support you and your business. Our IT services and support offerings are flexible and allow you to select certain components or outsource the whole of your IT infrastructure. 


Here are some support packages that we offer :

1. Prepaid IT Support

Only pay for the time you need with Prepaid IT Support. We offer prepaid IT Support hours in blocks of 10, 25, 50 and 100 hours. It can be used for both onsite and offsite support. 

The benefits:


  • No fixed contract

  • Access to our fully qualified IT specialists.

  • Faster response times

  • Access to our help desk service

  • Server , Desktop & Backup support

  • You can recharge at anytime.

  • Report will be provided monthly of your usage and service details

  • Flexible for customers that do not wish to be on an annual support agreement

  • Credits can also be used for your IT training


2. Pay as you go IT support (PAYG)


Whilst we offer full IT Managed Services, we realise that not all business need or want that level of support. Pay As You Go IT support services can be truly ad hoc/break fix (you contact us when you need us), or it can also include proactive IT maintenance and monitoring services. Our PAYG IT support option has no locked in contracts, no pre-paid purchases and you are invoiced with our standard rate at the completion of work. 


The benefits:


  • No fixed contract

  • Only pay for what you consumed

  • Suitable for businesses with no internal IT support

  • Standard Onsite and offsite rates applied

  • Same day or next business day ( NBD) services

  • Within 2-4 hours offsite response

  • Unplanned or emergency support

  • Suitable for businesses that need independent review and audit


3. IT Managed Services


We offer flexible IT Managed Services solutions that allows you to better manage your IT budget whilst increasing the reliability of your IT systems. IT Managed Services are based annually and allow your business to have an efficient, cost-contained IT support resource for your business. 


The benefits:


  • 24x7 Proactive IT monitoring with industry best practise

  • 24x7Proactive IT maintenance with industry best practise

  • Just one single annual payment

  • Completely support all your network infrastructure

  • Apply monthly updates to your practice management software / business applications

  • Apply necessary service pack and updates

  • Frequently check on network resources – CPU, memory, disk space & performance

  • Manage Router / firewall / network switches

  • Managed backups and monitoring

  • Premium support response within 15 mins. (offsite )

  • Premium support response within 2-4 hours ( onsite )

  • Unlimited remote access / email support.

  • Provide 3rd party software integration assistance with your Practice Management software. Eg results download, secure messaging, digital transcriptions.

  • Audit and recommendation reports

  • Discounted rates on new hardware / software purchase.

  • Agreements are customised to your businesses needs.

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