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Paperless Practice Solutions

“going paperless” is something you will hear quite regularly these days. 

So just what is the “paperless practice”. Is it just scanning? Is it electronic prescribing and downloading pathology? Is it remote access to the practice? 

For busy health professionals with little time to effect considered research, the “paperless practice” can be quite bewildering if not completely daunting. In reality, its really quite straight forward, and is simply about applying leading technology to the following areas of your practice:


  • Practice Management

    • Billing/Receipting/Reporting and eClaims; Appointment Management

  • Clinical Management

    • (Progress Notes; Prescribing; Pathology; History; Charts)

  • Patient Document Management

    • (Letters; Reports; Scanning; Digital Capture; Transcribing; Files and Archiving)

  • Administration Document Management

    • (Suppliers; Accounting; Finance; Payroll; Admin Files and Archives)

  • Secure Communications

    • (Patient SMS/Email Reminders; Electronic Referrals from GP to Specialist; eReports; Discharge summaries; Remote Access; portable devices)


There are normally 3 different approaches that we would recommend. It all highly depends on the business requirement in terms of time and cost.


  • Complete system take over ( everything on Paperless Straight away )

  • Transitional Approach ( both new and old systems initially, then fully paperless )

  • Hybrid Approach ( combination of both old and new systems )

  • Our IT consultants will advise you on the right software, IT equipment & IT environment to achieve your goals in a more effective manner. We will also make sure that the transition process is handled in an orderly manner with a full onsite training and follow up.


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