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Our Medical IT Engineers have worked with surgeries across Australia that uses Blue chip Day Surgery. We understand the requirements day surgeries have and the immense reliance on IT and thus we work continuously with the surgeries to eliminate any technical hiccup. Carbonelle Consulting is an authorised IT Provider of the Blue chip day surgery software and an experienced IT deployment and implementation team that helps new day surgeries to setup their IT network with. We provide day surgeries with multiple options of server, local and cloud as well as PC’s, printers and scanners all suited an compliant for Bluechip Day surgery. For existing day surgeries that are not receiving the correct service or are facing continual ongoing IT problems that are causing disturbance to the hospital, let our consultants and engineers put a permanent solution to maximise efficiency. 

Medical Director IT Support


Are you facing these problems?

Continuous lagging and network dropouts

System lagging, dropping out and freezing are the most common problems you will face, and it is also the hardest problem to solve because to find the exact reason of why this happens, one must posses experience and expertise of the entire operating system. If left undealt with, this lag have the potential to affect productivity and profitability. In some cases even patient care if the system cannot complete required actions in time.  Our Medical IT Engineers can diagnose and fix the exact cause of the problem and improve the speed of the network and how fast your Medical Software works. Carbonelle aims to provide the best experience for you and your costumers.


Printing & scanning issues


Printing and scanning in the doctors rooms are the one of the most complicated technical aspects of the entire system setup as there are multiple trays to print the document to. Whether it is prescription, pathology or blank paper, correct diversion of documents is therefore crucial for the smooth operation of your business. We understand that it can very frustrating and embarrassing when you could not simply print a document from your printer when there is a patient in your room or at reception. We have resolved many on-going printing and scanning issues that many practices have faced.. We look into the cause and suggest better ways with software’s available as well as assessing the hardware. Your printing and scanning problems should be eliminated once and for all.

 Medical Data is very important and must be backed up successfully daily following strict government medical compliance as well as fully encrypted to prevent being easily hacked. If your IT Network does not have proper firewall or antivirus security infrastructure in place your Medical Software will be extremely vulnerable to ransoms and attacks. On top of this, your data will also be vulnerable to external hackers and you will have a high chance of being held ransomed after opening a malicious virus that has corrupted or encrypted your data. Get in touch with our experts to get you out of any data loss mess, prevent this loss from happening again and build a compliant backup plan moving forward.

Data loss & Security breaches

At the Office

Have you continually encountered situations where your provider is not coming back to you or not attending to your IT problems in a timely manner? This is a common problem practices complain to us about their current IT Providers. This is generally due to the lack of staffing, negligence, or bad work ethic. Our consultants and engineers understand the demands of a practice and promptly respond to your support requirements. We have a dedicated team of help desk staff available to answer your calls. We also have an onsite engineer team that will be at your practice fast in the case you are down. The longer your IT system is down, the longer you are at risk of loosing patient data and information and therefore decrease your productivity and profitability. If you are paying for an IT Service but not getting the appropriate support service Carbonelle can assist with the transitioning of provider.and give you the desired IT experience. 

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