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See what our clients say about us


Dr. F.P.G Cheok, Ophthalmic Surgeon 

The ongoing support from Carbonelle is unfailing and their advice has been invaluable.


Dr George Quittne, Family Physician

Carbonelle were there within an hour and had us back up and running. What a godsend!


Dr. John Curotta, Paediatrician 

The accessibility, responsiveness and friendly guidance of Carbonelle feels to be just an extension of my office

Dr. Anna Story, Endocrinologist

The CARBONELLE team have recently completed a huge logistical challenge in relocating our busy medical practice of 11 doctors and 3 administration staff. They were thorough in the assessment of the task and were able to help us plan the IT requirements for the new premises. The week of the move they arrange for the move of our existing equipment and re configuration at the new site. Further they installed all our new computers and software, which was a huge undertaking.


All of this was done on time and very professionally. When an issue arose, the Carbonelle team worked with the problem and generated options for solutions. The entire team were a delight to work with and made a difficult process seamless. If you value your business and need to close and re open with the minimum of fuss, Carbonelle can be relied upon to perform the task thoroughly. This is no surprise to me, as the team have now been our support for over seven years and never, ever let us down. I highly recommend them.

Dr George Quittne, Family Physician

"I have been running a busy Family Medical Practice for over 20 years. In 1998 we decided to upgrade our software to MEDILINK. We choose MEDILINK for a number of reasons- Its seamless link to Medical Director, Reasonably Priced, Supported, Nice People.


We have been very happy with it and our staff would never consider changing back! MEDILINK has been very reliable (I wish I could say the same for our other medical software) and Carbonelle Consulting have always been helpful and obliging. Last week we went through the traumas of practice accreditation. Our computer network decided that would be a good day to crash! Carbonelle were there within an hour and had us back up and running. What a godsend! Computing has posed many challenges to our practice. We are grateful to Carbonelle and MEDILINK for helping us meet those challenges."

Dr. Theo Penklis, Family Medical Centre 

At our six doctor practice we have used MEDILINK since March 2000. The doctors and staff practice had very limited computer knowledge when we set out to computerise our practice. From our very first meeting with Carbonelle Consulting they demonstrated MEDILINK with patience and diligence, installed the software out of hours and provided an education programme for both the doctors and staff. They have impressed us with their professionalism, reliability and understanding of our needs. Their software support is punctual and efficient, which is extremely reassuring for our doctors and staff. I can certainly assure you that we are extremely satisfied with both the MEDILINK product and the service. We recommend MEDILINK and Carbonelle Consulting with great confidence." 

Dr Robert Paver, Dermatology & Dermatological Surgery

I am very happy to write this testimonial. Our Dermatology practice has been running on MEDILINK for 2 years, and we are extremely happy with it! We have had no substantial problems with our hardware or software and any difficulties or concerns have always been dealt with promptly and efficiently by Carbonelle Consulting.


We are pleased with:

 1. The problem free transfer of data from our old system to MEDILINK


2. The competent training


3. Very user friendly software function, allowing our somewhat nervous staff to adapt to the new system very quickly


4. Very effective office management system


5. Prompt help desk telephone service


6. The Problem free running of the system


I am happy to recommend MEDILINK to doctors who are considering renewing their office computer system." 

Dr. John M. Feller, Consultant Paediatrician, Prince of Wales Private Hospital 

We sought the services of Carbonelle Consulting with MEDILINK Software to establish a computer hardware and software system in my medical practice. As our need for expansion advanced, the provision of advice, technical information, instruction and general staff education was immediately forthcoming. Carbonelle became vital for us, reviewing processes to have an available IT system that could adapt to and accommodate our growing and diverse needs. They embraced the challenge of implementing all my requirements and firmly adhered to their commitment to availability and prompt service.


It has been most gratifying that we seldom have any problems operating our system. Particularly as other areas of the hospital, on other applications and without the Carbonelle's services, seem not to have such smooth function and problem-free activity. I have found the MEDILINK system continues to be user-friendly and presents no problem to master for relief or newly-recruited staff. I am extremely pleased with our decision to have selected MEDILINK software and Carbonelle Consulting, and have no hesitation in recommending both to my colleagues." 

Dr. John Curotta, Paediatrician 

The installation of MEDILINK medical practice software into my surgery office four years ago was the best management move I have taken in twenty years of specialist surgery. The MEDILINK system is intuitive and exceptionally reliable, but its range of facilities needs time to master and to overcome the natural scepticism of valued long-standing office staff. My office has had no computer related downtime since we have been with Carbonelle Consulting and MEDILINK. A reliable computing system is the bedrock of business, and the system is only as good as the service behind it. The accessibility, responsiveness and friendly guidance of Carbonelle feels to be just an extension of my office. It is reassuring to know whatever problem may arise with my computer system a phone-call to Carbonelle, at any time, will fix it fast!"

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