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Carbonelle Security Packages

Basic security package

This includes best-in-class products from multiple vendors to cover the most common attacks. This include services from Cisco, Webroot, Barracuda, Malwarebytes and Microsoft across antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam, and content filtering. 

  • virus, trojan, malware and predictive behavior recognition technology.

  • Real-time cloud-based definition files ensuring services are always up-to-date

  • Protection from malicious IP addresses and domain names using reputation scoring from multiple sources.

  • Prevention against malicious threats executing code or suspicious software.

  • Category-based filtering for website content, configurable for individual users or groups.

  • Inbound and outbound mail filtering.

  • Customisable whitelists and blacklists for all included services.

  • Proactive service that searches the dark web to look for compromised or stolen employee data and credentials.

Total Security Package

Our mid-tier IT Security Plan will provide you with the detection, prevention, and education that your organisation needs. Our Total Security package provides you with:

  • Everything in the Basic Security Package.

  • Encryption of all sensitive data on Windows and Mac devices, with the ability to instantly and remotely wipe and restore data.

  • Annual anti-phishing campaign with customised scenarios and detailed statistics of user interaction with fake phishing emails.

  • Configuration and management of Email Data Leakage Prevention policies.

  • Complete Learning Management System for Security Awareness with engaging and interactive training courses across malware, social media and email phishing awareness, password management, physical security, data protection, and compliance.

  • Quarterly Vulnerability Assessment based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, delivered by our technician

Enterprise Security Package

Sophisticated attacks on corporate networks often involve the use of stolen credentials or “fileless” attack methods. Traditional security software alone cannot easily detect these types of attacks. Key components of our Enterprise Security packages include:

  • All inclusions from our Total Security Package.

  • Network traffic analytics and intelligent threat detection to continuously scan for unknown vulnerabilities and identify threats that are missed by traditional methods

  • Installation of virtual and physical appliances that monitor and log network traffic, providing full SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) capability.

  • An in-depth annual review of the organisation’s IT security against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, including a review of policy documentation, and technical assessment of the network, infrastructure, security services, and backup/DR configuration.

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