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The Future for Phones - VoIP

Carbonelle offers VoIP solutions on top of managed medical IT service, streamlining your information system to help you deliver an unique customer experience.


VoIP is super simple to get started with - and to use. All you need is a standard phone handset and a VoIP compatible modem, both of which we can supply.

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VoIP features

Special voip rates

Unlimited calls to all Australian landlines ( local & national ), mobiles

automated receptionist

The complimentary Auto Attendant feature answers calls with a personalised message and directs customers with a custom menu

never miss a call

Automatically forward your phones to a mobile so you don’t miss sales leads during a power cut or lunch break.

custom music on hold / messages

Keep customers entertained while they wait with a tune of your choice or your latest offers.

direct calls to the right people

The complimentary Hunt Group feature lets you advertise one number but distribute calls throughout the team in any order you choose

sip line & cloud hosted pbx

No call out fees or techs required. Talk to Carbonelle and we can log in online to manage your system setup.

change your phone, not number

Keep your existing number

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With Busy Lamp Field

VOIP is a method of digitising voice signals then sending the digital voice information over an IP network on the cloud. Business VoIP systems requires thorough knowledge and expertise from the provider. 

A business VoIP implementation takes into account the existence of the data network, whether it can handle the added load. On the physical side, network expansion may be necessary where a separate network is often more effective than attempting to not only install but also integrate so many new equipment into an existing infrastructure.

Carbonelle understands what needs to be done before a VoIP system can be selected and installed. Our technicians will conduct capacity testing on your current pipes and a thorough audit of your business’s network management capabilities to ensure it can support and secure the new flow of VoIP data.



VoIP - how it works

Work Hassel-free with Carbonelle VoIP service

At Carbonelle, we know the benefits of switching from copper line to a VoIP connection


The VoIP system offers:

  • decreased costs

  • Increased accessibility

  • Complete portability

  • Higher scalability

  • Advanced features for small and large teams

  • Clearer voice quality

  • Supports multitasking

  • More flexibility with softphones

Why Carbonelle is your best Voip provider

With all the benefits, it is important to find a provider that's stable enough to still be around when it's time to upgrade. Carbonelle has been providing technical support for the medical industry for the last 25 years. Our technical expertise and experience makes us your ideal and reliable Voip provider. 

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